Feature walls are a great way to revitalise a space in your home and to give it a new look and feel, without having to spend an arm and a leg. Any focus wall in a room can be a feature wall. Simply add a bit of colour and texture and voila, the mood and personality of the room can be changed.

Wood is a great way to add substance and timeless value to any room. Wood adds warmth, organic texture and dimension. Wood paneling, shelves, alcove-units, bookcases and cupboards, all serve to add eye catching aesthetics and individuality to any room. Get in touch with GM Carpentry and speak to us about feature walls. Let our skilled woodcraftsmen add a touch of class and bring new life to any room in your home. 


Nothing livens up a dreary bedroom in your home quite like a bedroom accent wall.

A well-designed accent wall becomes the focal point of the bedroom and draws the eye as you enter a room.  

 We are not all decorators and if you’re struggling to make choices about your bedroom accent wall, then GM Carpentry is here to help.

What wall to use? What material would be best? Not to worry, we have experts to advise you.

Even ugly architecture on your wall like an unwanted alcove, can be turned into a feature on your bedroom accent wall with the right advice and expert workmanship.   


Walk into a main bedroom with a well-designed bedroom feature wall and you’ll immediately notice the individual atmosphere and dynamics that the wall creates. 

Feature walls can be a disaster if done incorrectly and it is worth taking the time to discuss your options with a professional, who can identify the correct walls to feature and advise on the best materials to use for the job.

Invite our team of skilled carpenters from GM Carpentry, into your bedroom and we’ll work our magic, with walk-in cabinets, shelving, cupboards and even fitted alcove units.

Our services are tailor-made to suite your individual needs and include

We service both domestic and commercial customers and produce practical woodwork solutions that turn your dreams into reality.   

So, when it comes to making changes or additions to your home, refitting, or simply revitalising old and outdated décor, then GM Carpentry are the carpentry and joinery specialists to call in Dublin.