If you own a home, especially and older one, chances are that you have an alcove. An alcove is an enclosed space or recess in the wall, often found alongside chimneys in many houses. Originally, they were designed by architects as a space-saving mechanism in constricted buildings.

Like most you’ll probably regard your alcove as either ugly, or as a waste of space but luckily, with expert help and advice, this does not have to be the case. Believe it or not, you can turn your alcove into a useful and aesthetically pleasing space. All it takes is the imagination and skill of our professional carpenters and cabinet makers. We specialise in making beautiful high-quality alcove units that you will be proud of.

At GM Carpentry we love to work with alcove spaces and will come up with practical alcove units to fill that ugly space and turn it into a real feature in your home.


Alcoves and small empty spaces are ideal opportunities for homeowners to become creative. If you have empty alcoves or unwanted spaces in the home that requires filling, then we can help you, with practical solutions in the form of built-in alcove units.

Built-in alcove units come in many forms, depending on where the alcove is situated and on what they will be used for. We can help you by designing, manufacturing and fitting beautiful alcove shelving, built-in or freestanding cupboards, bars, cabinets and many other features.

Let GM Carpentry work closely with you on turning your alcove into something special, with our team of highly professional and skilled carpenters.


One of our most popular requests is for bespoke built-in TV cabinets in the living room. Alcoves are often found on the sides of fireplaces, especially in older homes and the space between these can be the perfect spot for a custom-made alcove TV unit.

Many alcoves have awkward dimensions and there are no off the shelf TV units to fill up the space. Custom-made alcove TV units are the answer to this problem.

We’ll assess your empty space and make suggestions for a built-in TV unit that matches your current décor and is stylish, practical and timeless.       

Our services are
tailor-made to suite your individual needs and include

We service both domestic and commercial customers and produce practical woodwork solutions that turn your dreams into reality.   

So, when it comes to making changes or additions to your home, refitting, or simply revitalising old and outdated décor, then GM Carpentry are the carpentry and joinery specialists to call in Dublin.