A great way of adding value to your home is to have your kitchen modernised and revamped. If well-designed, your newly fitted kitchen will not only be more practical to cook in but will look great as well. When space is a challenge, a customised kitchen will maximise the use of minimal space, so that it works to your advantage. Issues like layout, cooking space, storage and appliances are all taken care of in the design phase.

Kitchen fitting involves the correct placement of appliances, ovens, hobs and fridges, but it is the kitchen cabinets where most of the focus and effort lies. The quality and design of your cabinets can make or break a good kitchen. All of these considerations make kitchen fitting a challenging process, that should be handled by experts such as GM Carpentry, who can give you the latest advice and help you to create a kitchen to be proud of. 


If there ever was an area that requires the use of experts, it would be that of choosing the right kitchen fitters. Walk into a new kitchen where the quality of workmanship is not good, and you will immediately recognize it.

No matter how well designed a kitchen may be, it all falls flat if you skimp on the quality of the fitment. Expert kitchen fitters who are skilled and experienced, are the most important consideration after you have chosen your materials and finish.

At GM Carpentry we have been designing and fitting beautiful kitchens for years. We design, measure minutely and install, based on detailed kitchen plans and we work closely with you during every step of the process.   

Our services are tailor-made to suite your individual needs and include

We service both domestic and commercial customers and produce practical woodwork solutions that turn your dreams into reality.   

So, when it comes to making changes or additions to your home, refitting, or simply revitalising old and outdated décor, then GM Carpentry are the carpentry and joinery specialists to call in Dublin.